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Need a Vacuum Truck in Edmonton? We Have Your Hydrovac Needs Covered

The hydrovac Vacuum trucks at Alberta Liquid Waste Hauling offer contractors in the construction industry a safer, faster and more environmentally conscious way to dig around job sites. Hydro-excavation provides a smart option whenever a chance of damaging buried utilities exists. Reduce the possibility of injury and promote a more productive work process by getting in touch with our team. Our hydrovac services will ensure your underground installations and repairs get completed, on time, on budget and with minimal impact to the surrounding area. Rely to us for effective vacuum pump truck services in Edmonton. Browse through our gallery for further information. 


Services We Offer:

Alberta Liquid Waste Hauling is known to provide effective hydrovac services for projects in and around the Edmonton area. We serve across various industries such as chemical, construction, oil and much more. We can assist with:

  • Underground utility location and exposure

  • Piling hole excavation

  • Slot trenching

  • Sanitary manhole cleaning and flushing

  • Catch basins and storm drain cleaning

  • Pipeline exposure

  • Tank cleaning

  • Directional drilling mud hauling


Benefits of Using a Vacuum Truck


Vacuum excavation is a method of suction excavation where a huge suction inlet pipe is used to excavate the underground utilities. This is one of the most popular methods as it is non-disruptive.


  • Less damage to underground utilities
  • This is a faster and more effective process than traditional digging
  • This is much safer than other methods of excavating. The safety risks associated with this is much less.
  • You can count on precision by using a vacuum truck hydrovac excavation method.


Alberta Liquid Waste Hauling takes pride in providing quality vacuum truck services in Edmonton at reliable prices. Get assured services for your project with the help of our equipment. We all know the importance of time; so choose vacuum truck service in Edmonton and get quick and effective results for your project. We also provide liquid waste and sewage treatment service, and sump cleaning services.


Contact Us for Vacuum Truck and Hydrovac Services

We should talk. Get in touch to receive an estimate on any of our tank truck services. If you need more details regarding vacuum truck services in Edmonton, contact us now. You can also call us at 780-455-0575.


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