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In January 2022, there's about $19.1 billion total investment for building constructions. The construction industry has been making strides towards the future in recent years.

Trenching and moving soil is no exception to these advancements.

Nowadays, the traditional trenching methods have become more expensive, riskier, and slower. For contractors to stay competitive, using new technology and methods is crucial. One of them is hydrovac excavation.

But what is hydrovac excavation? Continue reading this article to learn more about hydrovac and its benefits.


What Is Hydrovac Excavation and How It Works

Hydrovac excavation is a soil removal and excavation method. It uses high-pressure water to cut and soften the ground. The workers also operate high-powered vacuum suctions to transfer materials to tanks.

Unlike other vacuum excavations, water is essential to how hydrovac excavation works. Instead of mechanical tools, operators use pressurized water creating dirt slurry. Doing this exposes deeper layers underground.

Hydrovac excavation is the best method for checking existing underground utility lines. That way, operators can avoid them and lessen breaks and tears.

This excavation process also presents construction businesses with many advantages. There are also a few hydrovac excavation benefits your company can enjoy.


Safer Excavation

This type of excavation breaks down and removes debris without mechanical processes. Unlike traditional digging, water breaks up the soil. Because of that, operators can finish the job without using harsh tilling procedures.

Due to how hydrovac excavation works, the process provides positive environmental impacts. Aside from that, it also reduces the risks of injury to workers. Water and vacuum are harmless to underground pipelines and systems.

You can also rest assured of the low chances of soil shifting. Because this process only uses a small space, it won’t create a dangerous working location.


Reduced Risks of Damage

Most contractors often overlook the high risks of underground installation damage during excavations. In some cases, it only becomes a problem when their machines hit a utility line or cable.

With hydrovac excavation, soil and other debris become liquid waste. Instead of shovelling dirt, the liquid clears it and shows any present installation.

That way, all underground infrastructure is safe. It can also cut tough grass and is less harmful to passersby.

Better Waste Removal

This vacuum excavation method is also the most efficient way to remove waste. Because of the water pressure and vacuum suction, dirt and debris are easier to remove. Not only that, but moving it to the unit debris tank is faster.

Hydrovac liquid waste removal has a shorter clean-up time. Not to mention, the process also prevents dirt buildup because it focuses on a specific area. Due to that, you can complete projects on time.


More Cost-efficient

Hydrovac machines are also more cost-effective and efficient to use on sites. It avoids extra work and costs from job site damages like broken pipelines.

Fewer excavation problems allow you to finish your construction projects faster. You can also operate with a smaller crew and equipment. All these things help you save money on your tasks.


The Major Advantages of Hydrovac Excavation

Nowadays, finishing projects in a short period and with quality performance is crucial. Because of that, more companies are using hydrovac excavation to meet project deadlines.

This list only shows some of the benefits of using hydrovac excavation. There are more advantages this process can offer small contractors.

Call us today to use our Hydrovac services here in Alberta.


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