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Why Choose Us


Here are a few reasons why you should hire us for your next semi vac job in Alberta:

  • Our range of equipment - We have a full range of equipment maintained to the highest standards to meet your waste removal needs without breakdowns and delays.
  • Committed to safety - We are a member of ISN and ComplyWorks, and our safety program ensures that our staff is sufficiently trained and experienced to handle all equipment.
  • We work 365 days a year - Our hydrovac services are a safe alternative and are at your service all days of the week, and the year, including holidays.
  • Over 25 years of experience - We have a proven record of providing high-quality hydrovac services to all our customers in Edmonton and surrounding areas.
  • We will come to you - We can visit you at any location across Alberta to accommodate your schedule. 

Check out the fleet of equipment we supply and get in touch with us to know more!


Contact Us


Alberta Liquid Waste Hauling is one of Alberta’s top waste hauling and removal companies. We have been serving Edmonton and surrounding areas in Alberta with various semivac and tanker services, including sump cleaning, liquid waste sewage and industrial waste removal, for over 25 years. Call us to book our service now!

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