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Professional Hydrovac Services in Edmonton

Alberta Liquid Waste Hauling caters to commercial customers throughout the Edmonton region by eliminating waste from commercial and industrial holding tanks, cleaning out sumps, and offering qualified hydrovac excavating. We also specialize in tackling those larger assignments in the oilfields. From our line flushing expertise to the hauling of hazardous waste, we’re available every day of the year to assist Alberta’s many industrial and commercial sectors. Trust Alberta Liquid Waste Hauling for hydrovac services in Edmonton.

What Is Hydrovac?


Hydrovac excavation is the new standard in regard to digging in the vicinity of underground infrastructure. Hydrovac is a mechanical means of soil extraction through industrial-strength vacuum from a hydro excavation truck to excavate and evacuate dust, dirt and debris when using high-pressure water jet devices for breaking ground. The unwanted excavated materials are transferred to a debris tank located on the truck. Thus, hydrovac can also be used as a means of debris removal.


What Is Hydrovac Excavation Mainly Used For?


Hydrovac excavation is the perfect solution for safely and quickly exposing underground infrastructure that may or may not be mapped. In contrast to manual or conventional mechanical digging, which can rip gas lines and fiber optic cables underground, the non-invasive method of hydrovac excavation eliminates the risk of underground utility damage while leaving a smaller ecological footprint. Hydrovac is the safest means of excavation within the tolerance zone around underground facilities.


Hydrovac excavation equipment can also be productive at long range, gaining access to areas that are otherwise restricted. The many applications of hydrovac excavation include:

  • Locating underground gas lines and pipelines
  • Digging narrow trenches to install cables and pipelines
  • Sign, pole and line installation and location
  • Pipe and sewer rehabilitation
  • Digging in frozen ground
  • Debris removal
  • Landscaping

The excavated area created from hydrovac excavation is precise and allows utilities and underground infrastructure to be exposed without damage. However, locates are still required when using a soil vacuum truck. Alberta Liquid Waste Hauling has a vast and versatile fleet available to best serve your next industrial project. Reach out to us for all your hydrovac services in the Edmonton area.


Tips to Consider When Buying Access to a Hydrovac Truck

  • Weather conditions
  • Ground conditions
  • Distance from the truck
  • Depth of excavation
  • Dump Location
  • Off-road or on-road
  • Bridge laws for the truck

If your excavation project requires accurate digging in utility-dense areas, or mandates soft digging as opposed to mechanical digging, the safest and most efficient way to get the job done is by using a hydrovac. Contact the experts at Alberta Liquid Waste Hauling for all your needs of hydrovac services in Edmonton.

We Have the Vac Trucks and Experience to Maintain Your Site

With the use of our industrial vac and hydrovac trucks, we can complete a wide array of tasks. Our hydrovac equipment allows us to perform the following hydrovac services in Edmonton and its surrounding areas:

  • Underground utility locates
  • Slot trenching for utility installs
  • Pipeline exposures
  • Parking lot storm drain cleaning
  • Line flushing

The next time you need to work underground, start with a call to Alberta Liquid Waste Hauling at 780-455-0575. For more info, consult our hydrovacs page.

In addition, our fleet of vac trucks are suitable for:

  • Commercial and industrial sewage hauling
  • Cleaning car wash sumps, commercial and industrial shop sumps
  • Liquid waste removal and hauling for commercial, industrial and oilfield purposes
  • The transportation of dangerous goods
  • Removal of slurries and sludge
  • Pit and sump clean-outs
  • On-site transfers
  • Spill cleanup
  • Tank cleaning
  • Waste water disposal
  • Oil and water separator cleaning
  • Sewage tank clean-out
  • Directional drilling mud hauling

Whether we’re hauling away drilling mud or waste, our contractors will help improve the condition or capacity of your property. Call us today at 780-455-0575 or fill our online form and we’ll look after your concerns!

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