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Alberta Liquid Waste Hauling caters to commercial customers throughout the province of Alberta by eliminating waste from commercial and industrial holding tanks, cleaning out sumps, and offering qualified liquid waste removal and sump cleaning services. We also specialize in tackling those larger assignments in the oilfields. From our line flushing expertise to the hauling of hazardous waste, we’re available every day of the year to assist Alberta’s many industrial and commercial sectors. Trust Alberta Liquid Waste Hauling for hydrovac services in Edmonton.

Our Services


Explore our services to see how we can help you:

Liquid waste and sewage - Alberta Liquid Waste Hauling is a one-stop solution for all your hazardous and non-hazardous waste treatment and disposal needs. With a comprehensive range of services and industry-leading technology, we provide unmatched waste disposal solutions in Edmonton. We can handle all forms of hazardous waste, including liquid, solid, semi-solid, sludge, and gas, and are dedicated to making the disposal process as seamless and cost-effective as possible.


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Sump cleaning - We specialize in providing sump cleaning services for commercial and industrial properties. Our team has the expertise and equipment to access low-lying sumps and navigate confined spaces effectively. Our sump cleaning process involves using cutting-edge equipment to remove dirt, debris, and silt, thereby preventing backups and ensuring smooth operations.


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Semivacs & tankers - We are a reliable provider of waste management solutions for commercial and industrial clients. Our fleet of semivac trucks and tankers is equipped with the latest technology to ensure safe and efficient collection, transportation, and disposal of waste materials. Whether it's hazardous or non-hazardous waste, our experienced team will handle it with care and ensure proper disposal. Trust us as your source for semivac and tanker services in Edmonton for all your waste management needs.

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Industrial waste removal - Our industrial waste removal services in Edmonton are designed to bring convenience and peace of mind to our clients. With personalized solutions and a commitment to compliance and cost-effectiveness, we help you streamline your waste management processes and reduce liabilities. Our team of industrial waste contractors works closely with you to create a tailored waste removal plan that fits your specific needs and budget.


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Our fleet of vac trucks is suitable for:

  • Commercial and industrial sewage hauling
  • Cleaning car wash sumps, commercial and industrial shop sumps
  • Liquid waste removal and hauling for commercial, industrial and oilfield purposes
  • The transportation of dangerous goods
  • Removal of slurries and sludge
  • Pit and sump clean-outs
  • On-site transfers
  • Spill cleanup
  • Tank cleaning
  • Waste water disposal
  • Oil and water separator cleaning
  • Sewage tank clean-out
  • Directional drilling mud hauling

Whether we’re hauling away drilling mud or waste, our contractors will help improve the condition or capacity of your property. Call us today at 780-455-0575 or fill out our online form, and we’ll look after your concerns!

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